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 Santa's Little Helpers, LOL

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Santa's Little Helpers, LOL Empty
PostSubject: Santa's Little Helpers, LOL   Santa's Little Helpers, LOL Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 3:28 pm

YAY!!!!! santa santa santa santa santa santa santa santa

Tommy and I get to be "santa's little helpers" this season, LOL. Not that I believe in Santa Claus beyond the fact that he was a really cool guy who stood up for Christ and punched Aryus in the mouth...

Anyways it took us TWO DAYS to find another job, albeit just a seasonal one. We are gonna be rollin' in dough this Christmas season even if we don't have any time to enjoy it. LOL but hey at least we'll have food in the fridge and nothing will get shut off.

We're working as temps at Toys R Us warehouse, a.k.a. Exel, a.k.a. TRU Logistics. After I go to work in a couple of hours here, and finish another TEN HOUR day, I will have done 48 hours this week.

Next week it's 50. And they're saying that it will be 50 hour weeks for the next several weeks, as we get slammed with orders.

Everybody order from TRU! Help us keep our assignment! LOL


So I have the opposite problem from WalMart! They cut our hours and these people are giving us so many I can barely do it!

I cried all the way to work yesterday, my feet hurt SO bad. I have enormous blisters all over them and I think I may have a heel spur and possibly some problems with my ligaments in my ankles, which I used to twist all the time growing up. I knew that would catch up with me some day, especially since I didn't do the ankle exercises from my doctor when I was a teenager.

However, I've found the solution for working 10 hour days on your feet when you're a Fatty McFat-Fat like I am. It's called 500 mg Tylenol tablets! I took 3,000 mg yesterday which is safe according to the bottle, and I made it through the workday. Once it wore off, though, boy howdy.


Exel is a one million square foot warehouse. It is about a quarter to a half mile to walk from your car to the timeclock. It literally takes people, walking at a normal pace, a whole five minutes each way. Then you have to do that whole round trip again for lunch, and then break. Oh, and breaks. You only get a half hour paid lunch and a fifteen minute break, for a ten hour day. That believe it or not is legal in the state of Ohio. That includes your walking time which almost makes the second break not worth doing. On top of that, I'm working in a pick module so I'm walking, walking, walking, walking all day. Walking to pick, and do my job. When you need a battery for your scanner, you walk to get it. Ask a question, walk to the boss's desk. Go to the RR, walk and walk. By the New Year, I may not have to make a resolution to lose weight! LOL But I'm probably walking about five miles a day and it's killing me.

So I need prayer, and Tommy needs prayer, that we can handle this, because he's never worked a ten hour day on his feet before, and you know how my body likes to REBEL against logic and knock me on my posterior.

And hey MV, you might like this - half of the time when my superiors give me instructions I can't understand their foreign accents, LOL! They're almost all Somalian.

So everybody sing to me as I go off to work now!

"I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid...."

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Santa's Little Helpers, LOL
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