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 Mountain Of Dreams

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PostSubject: Mountain Of Dreams   Mountain Of Dreams Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 1:26 am

Mountain Of Dreams
By: Mark R. Sosa
Copy written 2003

Be still my child, close your eyes and open your
mind to a world of endless possibilities. Can you feel the soft wind blow
across your face atop this
Mountain Of Dreams? Come closer, yes, sit right here on the edge. A little scary, huh!
Donít worry, youíll be fine. Now open your eyes and take in the splendor of the
scenery I have created for you. Be in awe of its intricate detail, master
craftsmanship, and breathtaking scenery. Can you see its pure innocence and
overwhelming power? Now, I would like to share something with you. This same
craftsmanship that I used to create this beautiful place is the same as when I created
you. I created you in My Image; your body was crafted in intricate detail. I am
well pleased at what I have created in you. There has never been or ever will
be a duplicate of you. Iíve created perfection the first time around. Please
write these words within your heart.

Now as your eyes try to find where this part of the
world ends, it canít and never will. I have given it all to you to experience.
Remember this, my child, all things are permissible but not all are beneficial.
When faith dwells within the soul, all things are made possible, only you can
change your path on the road to dreams. In time with patience and persistence
you will reach that finish line. So few know this place I speak of called the
Mountain of Dreams. They have set boundaries in their minds and are captives to their
own fears. Iím here for you always with only the best in mind. Test me in this
and I will return to you faithful and true. Now please stand up and start to
dream my child. Each morning I will look for you here atop the
Mountain Of Dreams.
Pray Hard Ė Fear Not
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Mountain Of Dreams
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