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 Complaint In The Sytem

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PostSubject: Complaint In The Sytem   Complaint In The Sytem Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 2:34 am

Either I am growing, or I am imploding. I lean towards the suspicion of growing.

You reach this point. A point where the self pious attitude of unloving, judgmental, and know-it-all Christians just really irks you, and you can't stand it anymore. The folks who want to make all the mistakes of the pharisees without realizing they're doing it and thinking all the while they are righteous.

I declared about 2 years ago I wasn't a Christian anymore. I was a Christ-Follower. I just can't understand forcing morality down someone's throat who feels unloved, judged, and hated by the very people who are called to love them. For instance.

Gays. While we all know this is a sin, it is no worse a sin than the married elder of the church having an affair with the secretary. Yet one sin is measured over another. So much so we try to make laws about it. Never Jesus' example. Not once.

What we are called to do is preach the gospel to this person. They answer God's calling them, come to church, and then through personal healing, stop sinning on their own because it's what God does!

Or people who call miracles works of the devil because they personally don't like the person God is using to work these miracles. So therefore it becomes a vendetta and they are blinded by their self-pious attitude and in the end commit the only unforgivable sin: Blaspheming the Holy Spirit (calling an act of God an act of the Devil.)

I have a very healthy dislike for anyone who mimics the people who crucified Christ using his name. I grow tired of them and their attitudes, and it makes me understand how we lost the blessing in America. Because one by one, people saw nothing but hate, and turned from God as he couldn't possibly be the answer. Just look at the actions of his followers.

I am a Christ-Follower. Book of Acts, not Acts of Constantine.
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint In The Sytem   Complaint In The Sytem Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 3:03 pm

Wow Vince very powerful words and I mean that in a good way. I sometimes feel guilty and wrong calling myself a Christian because I struggle with so many demons and issues that just feel wrong. I also see a lot of pseudo christians (small c on purpose) and feel worse aligning myself with them than not calling myself anything at all.
I don't know I guess the best we can do is work on ourselves and not let ourselves be dragged down or discougaged by what the rest of the world Christian or not is doing.
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Complaint In The Sytem
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