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 The God Who Smokes

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PostSubject: The God Who Smokes   The God Who Smokes Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2009 3:24 am

"Perhaps no recent spiritual movement has caused more division than the
emergent church. For some, the trend represents a refreshing resistance
to fundamentalist attitudes. For others, the ideas suffer from a lack
of sound theology. Is there a middle ground? With a casual,
narrative voice, Timothy Stoner presents an honest look at a
controversial subject. The God Who Smokes is an unwavering answer to
the postmodern cry for an authentic, knowable truth that is
compassionate and courageous, demonstrated in sacrificial commitment to
a life of righteousness and justice. Throughout, Timothy celebrates
what the movement has achieved, provides a balanced critique, and
offers an engaging read for anyone seeking to understand this cultural

I have to say, I read this book cover to cover, and the description doesn't do it justice. It reveals what a dangerous God we serve, and how passionate our commitment to him should actually be. Amazing title.
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PostSubject: Re: The God Who Smokes   The God Who Smokes Icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2009 5:33 pm

Another book in this vein that I have read and am re-reading and marking up rather extensively is "The Total Church" by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis.

This book gives a very balanced and insightful look into the emergent church versus traditional church phenom without being another "mud slinger".

These guys are a part of The Crowded House in England and God is really doing some great things with them.

There is a balance between a very high view of doctrine (ie. the teaching of the Scriptures) and Community (body of Christ, family of God) and emotional content and these guys do a good job of bringing the ideas and theories together in a cohesive fashion.

I highly recommend it to you as well VinceWylde.

Let me know whatcha think.

Peace in the Name of Him that loved us unto death...and loves us still!!!

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The God Who Smokes
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