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 Pastor Bob's Blog- An Open Letter to Gay Christians...

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PostSubject: Re: Pastor Bob's Blog- An Open Letter to Gay Christians...   Pastor Bob's Blog- An Open Letter to Gay Christians... - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed May 05, 2010 10:30 am

Note that Pastor Bob did not necessarily write in favor of people living a gay lifestyle - just that the attraction, 99 times out of 100, does not go away.

I know this to be fact, after having done my time in both the gay world and the ex-gay world. I spent three years in the ex-gay world, and it destroyed me. It's good for some people. It wasn't good for me.

I can talk quite a bit about this if people here want me to, but to keep the story short, I wasted three years of my life making homosexuality a big deal. And then I had to confront God's grace - it cannot be earned, it cannot be won - and I felt that if I were to change my attractions, I would be better suited to receiving his love.

The answer that came from God was something like this, "my grace is sufficient. Until you are willing to accept that you may be this way the rest of your life, and that it doesn't bother me nor my grace, nothing will change. I will heal you when I WANT to heal you, till then, you are wasting your life trying to change circumstances that you can't. Constantly trying to change is very self indulgent. Instead, focus on loving me and loving people."

It was a hard pill to swallow. The simple truth, though, is that the attraction usually doesn't change; and trying to make it change can do terrible things to one's spirit - at least it did to mine.

There is more story here, but that is only if people want to hear it.


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Belonging to God

Belonging to God

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Pastor Bob's Blog- An Open Letter to Gay Christians... - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Heh   Pastor Bob's Blog- An Open Letter to Gay Christians... - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 3:56 am

Hehehe, why am discussing gayness again? The attraction doesn't really go away, but those who feel led to change their lifestyles will probably always struggle with such. Should you not feel convicted to become heterosexual then what can be said?

They feel at peace within Christ, and only through observations of the fruits of their faith may we know their sincerity to Him. By this I mean we simply have to treat them like we would anyone who claims to be Christian. Take what they say and compare it to what is taught within the bible using God's Holy Word as our standard for absolute truth as it pertains to our spiritual walk with Him. (funny, I think I realize something new just now.)

I'm an decidedly hetero, strangely so hetero as to be repulsed sexually(read turned off) by the sight of another man within porn. (Sadly I struggle with this still.) Yet I find that within the darker recesses of my mind I am curious about homosexuality, byproduct of my life during high school, no I've never had sex with a dude.

But as spoken before we must love one another unconditionally as Christ loved us while we yet sinned. Hmm, another within the other gay discussion said that all we can as humans do is have an active relationship with God. We must live by faith, and should we feel led to change something within our lives or should that change occur naturally then let it and remain always within His will.

We cannot become perfect overnight, nor through on our time, but we live by His purpose. I say this as a video game addict who has uninstalled and reinstalled my games near 30 times within the 3 years since I've become saved. I have actively sought freedom from video games, porn, sex and myself. Yet they have remained while other things have been made new within my life. My life has turned almost 180 degrees within these 3 years. Perhaps I will struggle always with them, as punishment for my actions.

Also, forgive the length of this monster, I'm tired and likely rambling without sense or rhyme, listening to tvu. Yeah my meds are wearing off. Blah, hehehe, I'm gonna go to sleep now before I draw you all into my insanity.

Also my username is the translation of my given name, thought perhaps it was fitting.

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Pastor Bob's Blog- An Open Letter to Gay Christians...
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